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Voles have you vexed? They target plants more than most other small animals as they dine and burrow in your property. Voles will readily eat the bark of small trees and ground cover killing young plants and destroying trees or other shrubs. Voles love to eat succulent root systems and will burrow under plants or ground cover. Bulbs in the ground are another favorite target for voles.

Vole populations can rapidly grow from one or two to many within a very short period of time. Since litters average 5-10 young, a single pregnant vole in the yard can become 50 or more in less than a year!

Voles are mean.

Since voles will commonly use burrows with many exit holes, they can be mistaken for mice, gophers or shrews. Voles can create and will often times utilize old abandoned mole tunnels. Like shrews they will eat dead animals and like mice or rats, they can live on most any nut or fruit.

Discover how to get rid of voles and other rodents by using MOLECAT. MOLECAT is the easy alternative to traps when you want to get rid of voles.

Solve your pest problem today! Get a Molecat!

(1) MOLECAT® Unit with Firing Barrel
(10) BLANK Extermination Cartridges
(10) Scent Free Bags
(1) Cartridge Punch
(1) Stainless Steel Anchor
Instructions/Warranty packed inside a heavy duty Storage Case


MOLECAT is a powder-actuated pest control device that involves no chemicals or poison to deliver its fatal blow. This is accomplished by using a controlled blast which is directed onto the vole making the unit a quick and humane way to exterminate voles (or meadow mice, and field mice).

After the unit has fired

Most of the time you will not see the dead vole as the pressure expelled during the blast pushes the vole back into its tunnel system. Leaving the dead vole it in the hole will help repel other voles from moving in.

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