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Incensed by shrews? You should be, as many shrew species dig burrows damaging property searching for storing food and hiding from predators. There over 30 recognized shrew species in the United States, the US Territories, and Canada and they all multiply rapidly. Although shrews usually live 1 to 2 years, they have 1 to 3 litters per year with 2 to 10 young per litter.

As an insectivore the shrew lives underground foraging for seeds, insects, nuts, grubs, and worms. They frequently use the tunnels made by voles and moles. They are very active animals, with voracious appetites and unusually high metabolic rates. Shrews must eat 80-90 % of their own body weight in food daily.

MOLECAT's easy-to-use design will show you how to get rid of shrews. MOLECAT is better than a shrew trap, as it uses no poisons or harmful chemicals.

Solve your pest problem today! Get a Molecat!

(1) MOLECAT® Unit with Firing Barrel
(10) BLANK Extermination Cartridges
(10) Scent Free Bags
(1) Cartridge Punch
(1) Stainless Steel Anchor
Instructions/Warranty packed inside a heavy duty Storage Case


MOLECAT is a powder-actuacted device that kills shrews when they return to their open hole. This is accomplished by using a controlled blast which is directed onto the shrew making the unit a quick and humane way to exterminate shrews (or shrew mouse, house shrew, and treeshrew).

MOLECAT features include:

Do-it-yourself convenience, easy set-up, no destructive digging, it is reloadable and re-useable, and chemical-free.

Preparing armed unit for Shrews

Place entire MOLECAT unit in a Scent-Free bag. Our scent-free bags prevent the odor of flashpowder and human scent when inserted into hole as unusual odors will discourage shrews from revisiting the hole. Stir the Trigger end of MOLECAT in the loose dirt to help remove scent that may be on the bag.

After the unit has fired

Most of the time you will not see the dead shrew as the pressure expelled during the blast pushes the shrew back into its tunnel system. Leaving the dead shrew in the hole will help deter other shrews from moving in.

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