Good Morning,
I just wanted to send you a little thank you note. The Molecat works...just as advertised.
As you know I built a Rainbow Trout lake and it has a dam....Well it did not take long for the moles to find the lake too. I assure you a 1 1/2 " mole hole will wreak havoc with a lake...I have trapped the little devils using scissor traps, tunnel traps, pinch traps....even stood guard over hills for hours with a 12 gauge....all have had some success, but the traps are pushed around by the moles more than they catch them.
However, your Molecat is the best thing I have ever used. I set the trap, checked it once a day and bingo!! The mole I have been chasing for at least a year is now no more a threat to the lake.
I will be a bit less stressed and I feel confident that the Molecat will take care of any future mole issues (or any other burrowing nuisance) that threatens the integrity of the lake.

Thank you!