Get tips on using MOLECAT for killing a snake, killing a mole or killing a gopher. Get the most out of your MOLECAT with these simple suggestions if you are wondering how to kill moles.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Molecat

Important Tips

One kill requires use of One Cartridge + One Scent Free Bag (SFBag).

1. Moles and gophers have an EXTREME sense of smell and hearing just like a dog. For best results rotate the Scent Free Bag (SFBag) inside out to ensure there is no scent that the pest detects as danger such as flash powder and hand oil on the SFBag.

Recommended Procedure to turn SFBag inside out:

a. Grab top opening of SFBag with both hands, thumbs inside.
b. Stuff outside of SFBag “inside out” with remaining fingers.
c. Push hand through using thumb and little finger to open up Bag corners.

Once inside is out, be careful to not touch the Red Soil Cover and Trigger Wire half that anchors into the exit hole to keep danger scent away from pest. Place Trigger Triangle end of device into one corner of the SFBag. Grab the opposite corner and pull toward the unit to make a “tent” — careful to not touch the Trigger half end that inserts into exit hole. This “tent” enlarges the trigger area and will check the tension between Trigger and SFBag. Remember – the Trigger is sensitive – too much pressure on the Trigger Wire and the device will activate (or “snap”) when Trigger Safety is taken off. See step #13 Note Box.

The first season using MOLECAT® requires persistence. Keep setting MOLECAT® until the underground defense of decomposing pests has been built around your property. The death scent in the run will repel other incoming pests.

For best results, use MOLECAT® early in the spring when the young emerge. As the season progresses and as the pests get older, they grow smarter and harder to exterminate. Strategy must be applied when hunting these animals.

Allowing airflow into the hole instinctively calls the mole to the opening to encounter MOLECAT® so open exit hole just enough for a small amount of airflow around the unit.

To ensure a good strike, use a probe to indicate there is a straight 8” throat into the exit hole before anchoring.

Anchor MOLECAT® securely to the exit hole. The Trigger Wire is sensitive when Step 13 and 14 Safeties are off and device will fire prematurely if it touches the sides of the hole with any movement. Secure from any wobble.

If the pest buries the unit, this is an indicator that it has gotten a danger scent. Use a clothes pin or clamp to close open end of bag and help keep dirt out of SFBag.

Use different types of scents such as WD40 or fisherman worm scent to confuse a smart mole.

Worms, air and water are used to bait moles. Moles smell water and air coming into open exit holes so a cup of water poured into the hole will instinctively call the pest back to investigate.

Place a night crawler in the open bag, shaking it into the corner and mash it for mole bait. Then rotate the SFB inside out. Messy but it works!

Gophers are vegetarian and need to be baited. They generally leave the exit hole open. Place a small amount of peanut butter on the outside of SFBag on Trigger Triangle.

To remove spent Cartridges, (discharged only), unscrew the Firing Barrel 3 full turns. Insert Cartridge Punch through Trigger Triangle and into Firing Barrel, tap to dislodge spent shell. Remove Firing barrel to empty cartridge casing.

Use of construction flags will easily mark the position of MOLECAT®.

For updated Tips go to “How To” tab.

For best results, use 1 MOLECAT® per acre. Dependent on severity of infestation or desire to quickly clear area, two units will work twice as fast.

Moving Unfired Unit to Another Hole

Step 1 – Before removing Unit from hole: Using index finger and thumb, gently rotate Knob clockwise until it stops turning. (Reverse step 14 on page 3).
Step 2 – Rotate Trigger Safety to block Trigger Lever forward into slot.
Step 3 – Unit is now safe to move to another hole, follow steps 10-16 to reset.

Disarm Unit

Step 1- Before removing Unit from hole: Using index finger and thumb, gently rotate Knob clockwise until it stops turning. (Reverse step 14 on page 3).
Step 2 -Rotate Trigger Safety to unblock the Trigger Lever then pull back Trigger Lever out of Slot. Unit is now disarmed and safe to remove.
Step 3 – DO NOT use Cartridge Punch to remove unspent Cartridge. Always use hands to remove any unspent Cartridge.


1 – Release internal Spring tension: rotate Hammer Knob counterclockwise until you can feel a release of Spring tension.
2 – Always store in a safe dry place away from Children and Minors.
3 – As a safety key, store Firing Barrel separate from Unit, as on a keychain.
4 – Removing Cartridge. Follow Disarming Unit Step 3 above to remove live Cartridge. See Tip #12 to remove spent Cartridge.

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