Fantastic!!! I love it!!!

I have been trying to get rid of a few moles for a couple of months. I have used poison bait which I think acted like vitamins on them. I tried the pronged and clinch traps, that would spring but no moles caught. I would have more mole mounds each day. I finally broke down and purchased the Molecat, I had threatened to in the past but it seemed like a lot of money. Adding up the money I wasted on other stuff, I could have bought 3 Molecats. Anyway, day 2 after set up it went off, didn't find any evidence of a dead mole. Day 3 it went off again, still no evidence of a dead mole. Day 5 it went off again, still no evidence of a dead mole. I didn't want to dig up my yard anymore than it already was. But, I can not imagine that a mole can run away unharmed when they trigger it. I followed the directions and watched Molecats videos and some other peoples on YouTube, which really helped the set up and making sure I wore gloves and placed it right. It has now been a month and I have no mole mounds. I don't care if the Molecat killed them, maimed them, or just scared the living daylights out of them and they left. But as far as I can tell they are gone. Should have spent the money on it first. Awesome product!