I purchased a MoleCat at a local ACE hardware store after trying several different methods in an attempt to rid my backyard of gophers. I say gophers, cause I never saw them above ground. I took what was several articles that described the mounds I was observing, and size, and frequency, and felt that I probably had gophers, not voles, not moles, nor anything else. But because I never saw them, I cannot be 100% certain, all I know is that they were destroying my backyard. I felt that the price was a bit high when the salesperson at ACE showed me the MoleCat, but then, after all I had been through, I thought, well I will give a try.
I watched the video about 3 times, then set my first stalk. It didn't work, but this was because I had failed to open the knob far enough to the "second ring position", and nothing happened for 2 days, and the gophers were having a field day. I say gophers, because after my initial mistake, I realized what I had done, and corrected it, and this started and ended after about 5 days, and 4 dead gophers.
I feel that the product is effective, and not difficult to use with the instructions and video.
Thank you for helping me get my yard back.