I believe I have found a solution to riding my yard of moles.
Over the years, I have used many products to eradicate the moles on my property with little success. During the past four years I have used the Victor metal traps, the Sweeny metal and dead set traps, castor oil granules, and castor oil RTU’s among other things. One mole in four years is not a good record.
Sometime in early July of 2012 I was introduced to a device called the MOLECAT. My first impression was that I thought it was a little pricey, but after studying the workmanship put into the product I decided to give it a try. It has been dry in Missouri this summer of 2012 so there was not much activity in my neighbor’s yards as I water, and they did not. Whatever moles were around, I think they took up residency on my property. I was instructed on how to load, set and place the MOLECAT. I also went online to the company’s website and retrieved more information on how to use the product from their videos. While only in the ground and set 5 out of the last 10 days I have now rid my property of three moles. I did not dig up my yard to find the moles after they were struck with the device, but I can tell you that they disappeared. My latest victory was just a short wait as the device went off ten minutes after I inserted it into a mound.

-O’Fallon, MO