Developing an effective pest control device is a blast

The process of bringing any innovative new product, such as the MOLECAT®, to market is a challenging, time consuming, frustrating, and fulfilling series of tasks and events. The challenges we faced as we developed, designed and manufactured our burrowing pest control device were many – like moles and gophers, unforeseen obstacles raised their heads… and usually at inopportune times.

Here at Triple T Machining we already had a rich history of making innovative products but we had to address the usual obstacles when implementing a new product line, such as:

• A technology change demanded a change in our production processes
• Re-tooling the machine shop
• Sourcing or making the new parts
• How to market and advertise this new MOLECAT® product
• Building and testing a working model
• How to package and label our new pest control device
• Meeting Local and National regulations
• Extensive product trials

If as they say, ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’, then we say, “Experimentation is definitely its Father”. Experimentation has been a main factor in the development of the MOLECAT® mole and gopher control device. Innovation and patience was needed as we learned to take each day and each model in stride in growing the MOLECAT® into its current form.

Taking the device to the next level required several months of working with our customers by listening to their feedback, and implementing their suggestions. A little tweaking and little honing created the needed improvements in the evolution of the MOLECAT®. During this product improvement era, almost all of the original parts had been replaced by new ones. Now rather than using off-the-shelf parts as we did in early models, we manufacture some of our own and others are manufactured specifically for us.

Trial and error drove the development of the MOLECAT® – a unique, patent-pending powder-activated burrowing pest control device. Our reusable system is technologically advanced over the old trap methods of pest control. Even today the MOLECAT® is being improved as we continue to listen and learn. We will never stop being innovators in our efforts to deliver the most effective mole killing device available.

MOLECAT can do away with mole holes in your yard. Read our blog on how to get rid of shrews and other ground burrowing pests with MOLECAT.
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