My Yard as a Moonscape (Part #1 of a Series)

When I developed the MOLECAT powder-activated garden tool I realized we needed a 21st Century answer to a centuries-old problem – getting rid of pesky moles, gophers, and other burrowing varmints!

I became acutely aware of this problem in 2000. I had started a three-year project to turn 1.3 acres of weeds into a yard and garden space. My wife Cheryl’s wish was for it to resemble the Rose Garden where we were married.

To begin the ground was cleared of weeds, rocks and undergrowth by machine, and 74 trucks of dirt were brought in to create our garden space. Four months later the ground was prepared and shaped in the likeness of the Rose Garden.

Trenches were dug for an underground sprinkling system and I set about placing the 76 sprinkler heads! We built an underground fence made of chicken wire to keep moles and gophers from burrowing into our yard. We hydro-seeded a fescue grass lawn and planted 300 arborvitae plant bushes for a screen.

Around our property line I put down four inches of mulch over the top of that underground pest fence – and here came those pesky moles right over the top! That mulch was welcome mat for them. As I looked at the mess those burrowing pests had created the war had begun! As my first salvo I purchased two spring-loaded mole traps. I bought two because the manufacturer said you needed two for the best results. Eight mole exit holes later, I realized the moles were winning.

Before initiating my next attack I broke down and read the instructions. They directed me to dig large holes and to set the traps in these holes. These holes were in the direct path of the mole tunnels. I now had eight mole holes and two trap holes. After several days of frustration and no results I called the manufacturer. I was instructed to relocate the traps and dig another fresh set of holes. So I moved the traps and finally got a mole! So at long last I had success and 12 holes in my lawn.

Unfortunately the moles came back. So I had to set the traps again. Here is the play by play for each battle:
Traps set Moles killed Total holes in my lawn
2 0 15
2 0 17
2 1 20
2 1 23
2 0 26
2 0 29
2 1 31
2 0 34

After looking out at the moonscape that was now my lawn I was very angry. Replacing the displaced grass to over the holes took months. Even though the scars in the turf eventually grew over, the yard never looked the same. Standing in the yard and surveying the destruction made by the moles and the further damage I had done to trap them, the machinist/inventor in me exclaimed, “I will build a better mole trap!” Necessity, once again, was the mother of invention.

Lets share the pain – what challenges have you faced in your efforts to rid your yard of burrowing pests?

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