MOLECAT entered the World with a Bang!

As we shared in our previous blog the current model of the popular MOLECAT powder-activated garden tool was developed out of a need – as are most inventions. It has ended up as the 21st Century answer to a centuries-old problem – mole, gopher, and burrowing pest control.

My first version of the MOLECAT was just a firecracker. I got the idea in 2006 while reading an article in our local newspaper, The Oregonian. The article was about the war in Afghanistan and it focused on how the Taliban was using percussive explosions to debilitate our troops. I recognized that percussion might be a solution to my mole problems as well.

Although this early model brought some successes in exterminating moles, my wife mentioned that it was illegal to use firecrackers here in Oregon, and besides our traditionally wet climate in the great Pacific N.W. would compromise the firecrackers performance.

The second model used a 12 volt car battery to spark the percussive blast in my efforts to rid our yard of these burrowing pests. While it worked effectively, my wife (my best and worst critic), said it was too heavy and that no one would want to carry around a heavy, expensive battery out in their yard, especially in our cooler, wet climate.

Her insight sent me back to the drawing table to revise and improve the unit. That led me design the third model, which was the basic product that has since been honed into today’s MOLECAT.

In my next blog I will share the fine tuning and advances that have taken place to that third MOLECAT model to get to the current model which I believe is the best and most effective mole killing device available.

What methods have you tried in your mole extermination efforts?

Learn how MOLECAT became the best way to kill rats and other rodents. With so many ways to get rid of moles, choosing the safe and effective MOLECAT makes the most sense.
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