Whack-A-Mole Extreme

Part #2 in a series

When I developed the MOLECAT powder-activated garden tool I realized we needed a 21st Century answer to a centuries-old problem getting rid of pesky moles, gophers, and other burrowing pests!

Standing in the yard and surveying the destruction made by the moles and the further damage I had done to trap them, the machinist/inventor in me exclaimed, I will build a better mole trap! Necessity, once again, was the mother of invention.

As they say in war it is best to know your enemy. I studied sites that described how moles feed themselves and why the burrow the tunnels. It turns out that the moles feed themselves by burrowing the tunnels and pushing dirt up at the top to seal off air flow. By doing this they can easily get to the worms that they feed on in their tunnels. I also found out that they regularly patrol their tunnels to keep them sealed so that the worms keep coming. I also discovered that other burrowing animals like gophers, voles, shrews, rats, and snakes for one reason or other want to keep their tunnel holes clear.

Aha! I had finally found a way to get these burrowing pests! By opening up their hole it makes the mole come to you! So I set my plan in motion. Initially I put together a crude device that works in a similar way that our Molecat works today. I set my trap and waited. The next day I checked my Molecat and sure enough it had done its job. I tried again and it worked again. I loaned test units to friends and they also had a 100% kill ratio. They also liked the fact that you could just simply remove the Molecat and push the dirt back into the hole and you are done. No muss no fuss!

My yard was finally whole again! The moles did not know what hit them. Unfortunately I do not get to test my product in my own yard anymore because I dont have any moles. I did create the Molecat so you can have the same success.

You will find the highly effective MOLECAT powder-activated garden tool the solution to your mole, gopher, vole, shrew, rat, and snake problems too. You will never dig or cover another trap hole or have to dispose of pest body again.

Lets share the pain what challenges have you faced in your efforts to rid your yard of burrowing pests?

MOLECAT was created to solve the problem of how to get rid of a mole. MOLECAT was designed to get rid of voles and other pests without using harmful chemicals.
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