Kills Burrowing Pests On Contact!


Are you wanting to get rid of burrowing pests? MOLECAT is more efficient than a trap - it kills instantly, safely, and humanely with a percussive blast. MOLECAT can also be used to get rid of yard pests like shrews, rats, squirrels and snakes.

Actual Size: 7.25" x 1 3/4"

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Easily eliminate burrowing pests. MOLECAT’s patented design delivers safe vermin extermination. This eco-friendly, chemical-free, reusable system was developed with personal, child and pet safety in mind. Effectively exterminates moles, gophers, shrews, rats, squirrels and snakes. Make MOLECAT your burrowing pest control solution.


(1) MOLECAT® Unit with Firing Barrel
(10) BLANK Extermination Cartridges*
(10) Scent Free Bags
(1) Cartridge Punch
(1) Stainless Steel Anchor
Instructions/Warranty packed inside a handy Jute storage bag

      *cartridge packaging may vary

  • Kills Pests by Explosive Blast
  • Easy Setup
  • No Batteries/All Mechanical
  • Reloadable (Refills Available)
  • No Handling Dead Pests
  • Eco-Friendly and Humane
  • Affordable DIY Extermination
  • Designed with 2 Safeties